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If you knew the future, what would you do? Run a better business? Build a smarter city? Leave your competition in the dust? Rebecca Ryan knows what's next and inspires audiences to get future-ready.

She is a futurist and an economist...and hilarious. Some folks call her a "human spark plug." But don't take our word for it...


Regeneration Book Cover

A Manifesto for America's Next Leaders

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Regeneration Book Cover

Live First, Work Second
Getting Inside the Head of the Next Generation

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Dear White People Script

Dear White People: Liberals and Racial Disparities


Dear White People, we need to talk about our country’s racial disparities. I’m not talking about the data. Or whether we’re surprised by the data. We need to talk about our role in this. Forty years of shitty outcomes for Blacks and Latinos didn’t happen overnight. If you’re north of thirty years old and have lived in the United States as an adult, it’s happened on our watch. We share responsibility….

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You want to figure out what's next. We want to help. Here are a few examples of our work for cities and companies.

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The future is dynamic and complex. Our team includes an interdisciplinary mix of sociologists, economists, corporate castoffs, and heretics. You have to think differently to get to the future first.

Rebecca Ryan

Best-selling author, economist and futurist.


Rebecca Ryan is a human sparkplug. She is one part economist, one part futurist, and one part humorist. (That's right, economists can be funny.) Rebecca inspires us to think differently about the future...our future. Author of Life First, Work Second, and ReGENERATION, Rebecca is called "a voice for the next generation."

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Marti Ryan

Future focused on the sustainability of cities, organizations, people, and food.


Marti loves numbers and has ever since she was 6. We use her nerdy math skills to analyze research data, forecast future trends, and keep NGC's checkbook in good shape. Marti also knows a thing or two about the future of the arts (and she makes a mean espresso.)

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